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The Bmpd Origin Story

Bmpd was born on a disrupted flight.

In 2017, our CEO and founder was en route from Los Angeles to Auckland when the pilot announced the plane needed to make an emergency landing in Hawaii. The reason? The co-pilot had just suffered a heart attack. When the flight landed hours later, the passengers were left to fend for themselves. The only way travelers could book new flights was by waiting hours in line at the transfer desks or talking to phone agents. It was stressful, expensive, and chaotic.

As he waited, he wondered: why wasn't the airline handling this? Why wasn't every passenger greeted on the ground with a personalized list of alternative flight options and local lodging choices? The reason? They didn't have the data. Air travel is more than arrivals and departures: it's gate availability and employee scheduling and analyzing weather patterns and thousands (upon thousands) of additional data points along the way.

The need for Bmpd was clear. Even if airlines had the omnichannel data needed to provide contextual advice for every passenger, fear of revenue loss or corporate partnership agreements meant they could never offer truly impartial advice. But an algorithm could.

So we partnered with cutting-edge technologists to empower passengers with the data they need to make the right decision. That means sourcing weather data at 10x the precision of the airlines, predictive analysis based on historical and real-time data, and providing localized flight options tailored to the traveler's preferred carrier, amenities, and schedule.  

The result is Bmpd, an easy-to-use app that aims to give power to the passenger. And we do a lot more than flights. With our app, you can also get directions on the fastest route to the airport, wait times at TSA, or even which vendor makes the best flat white. With Bmpd, get alternative flight options customized to your preferences. Our AI-driven analytics and fine-grained filtering options ensure flight disruptions don't turn into disasters.

Arrive mindfully. Travel with Bmpd. 

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